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2nd August 2006

2:18am: Forthcoming Gorillaz DVD details
Sue, owner of fantastic Japanese fansite GoriPez, sends details, from a hmv.co.jp mailout, of the forthcoming Gorillaz DVD (previously exclusively announced on Gorillaz-Unofficial.com here)

The DVD will include the full videos for Feel Good Inc, DARE, Dirty Harry and El Manana. It includes the MTV EMAs, Grammys and Brits live performances. Also included is the Gorillaz MTV Cribs episode, the Phase Two Gorilla bites, a new Kong Studio guide, a gallery, and short interviews. The DVD will come bundled with a CD-ROM featuring games and wallpapers. Release date for Japan is 11 October 2006, with an international release also expected around this time. See the listing on the hmv.co.jp site here for more information.

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