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21st July 2006

1:11am: New Gorillaz DVD before the end of the year
Gorillaz will release a new DVD before the end of the year, Gorillaz-Unofficial.com can exclusively reveal. The DVD will be their third full-length video release, after 2002's 'Celebrity Take Down' and 2006's 'Demon Days Live'.

Info from an anonymous source close to the band. More details as they become available.

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7:53am: Ice Cube in discussions about future Gorillaz collaboration (?)
JackS sends the news that the UK paper The Sun today reports that rap star Ice Cube has had a meeting with Gorillaz co-creator Damon Albarn to discuss a possible future collaboration with Gorillaz. Article here and full text below.

"HIP-HOP guru ICE CUBE has met GORILLAZ star DAMON ALBARN to discuss working with the band on their next album. After they booked a VIP room at London club Chinawhite, a source said: “Ice Cube seemed keen — and drank the best cognac. But he was distracted by the conveyor belt of women being brought in.” Damon, though, had had enough of the bling and birds after just half an hour — and left the American to carry on partying in the club..

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