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12th July 2006

6:49pm: Amazon.co.uk write-up about 'Gorillaz: The Autobiography' (new info)
fluffycrab sends the news that amazon.co.uk, the online retailer, has a new listing for the forthcoming Gorillaz official book. (It is listed as "Gorillaz: The Autobiography"). The listing can be seen by clicking here.
The listing promises that the book will include "brand new art from and designed by Jamie Hewlett", "their emailing with their motley crew of collaborators" and an "account of the movie (for the first time)", This is in addition to accounts of the band members' lives before Gorillaz, as revealed by NME magazine.

The picture for the listing is here. The image is different to that which appeared in last week's NME magazine. Release date in the UK, according to the listing, is 26 October 2006.

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