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29th June 2006

3:16am: Old Sun interview / Hasan Salaam Dirty Harry track / Essentials on YouTube
Well it seems Gorillaz are on holiday at the moment! It's been quite a dry period for news. However we have a few minor bits and pieces to keep you going:-

Firstly Gina sends a feature-length interview with 2D, Murdoc, Noodle and Russel that appeared in the Sun newspaper in January, but which passed us by at the time. Click here to read it.

Secondly, for anyone who still hasn't seen the new Gorillaz documentary 'The Essentials: Gorillaz', Cortez_Raven sends the links to the the full show which is now up on YouTube, Part One, Part two, Part Three.

Finally, RLippman11 sends the news that the rap artist Hasan Salaam has used Dirty Harry as the basis for a new track called 'Ain't Got A Chance'. This has seen commercial release on his latest CD 'Tales Of The Lost Tribe: Hidden Jewels' released in April. You can hear it (and download it) on his myspace here.

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