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20th June 2006

7:22pm: Winner of Murdoc's birthday competition
Just a quick notice to say that Kouya has been been judged the winner of the 'Murdoc's Birthday' competition. Review the entries in the gallery here, the quality was really exceptional and the panel found it very hard to choose just one winner! Many thanks to all who entered. Kouya will be receiving the ultra-rare Clint Eastwood 12" US promo in the post.

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7:29pm: Gorillaz autobiography called 'Rise Of The Ogre'(?)
Fade sends the link to amazon.com link where they have the forthcoming Gorillaz autobiography listed under the name 'Rise of The Ogre'.

The Gorillaz autobiography, written by 2D, Murodc, Noodle and Russel, will be released in November 2006, as previously reported on the site here.

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