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13th June 2006

4:06pm: Amnesty exhibition extends run
Eno sends the news from fans.gorillaz.com that the Amnestry International charity exhibition, that contains a picture of Noodle (previously reported on the site here), is extending its run. It'll be showing at Urban Outfitters at 36-38 High Street Kensington, London, UK, from 13-18 June, so anyone who missed it first time round can catch it now if they're in the area.

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4:08pm: Murdoc and 2D pick up Webby Award in New York (UPDATE)
Gorillaz are this year's 'Webby Awards Artist Of The Year' (their win was reported on the site here), and last night Murdoc and 2D picked up their award at Cipriani Wall Street in New York City.
As is traditional, the awards acceptance speeches for the Awards were limited to five words each. Gorillaz speech was "The [something]'s only just begun", sadly whoever transcribed the speech for the Webby official website couldn't understand what Murdoc or 2D said! No word on whether Jamie or Damon or anyone else from the world of Gorillaz was at the event.

UPDATE 21:33GMT: Apparently the actual speech was "The future's only just begun", according to the official Webby Awards press release here

UPDATE #2: Spikeygal sends the news that after 2D said the words above, Murdoc added 'I'm in the wrong bar'.

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