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4th June 2006

6:19pm: Activity in Hellhole on Gorillaz.com (UPDATE: Hellhole grows)
abc writes by email:-

"There is increasing details coming to the Hellhole plot. First, on the official Gorillaz fansite homepage there is a picture of Murdoc floating above the hole wearing white pants!!! Second, there seems to be a slight increase of fog near the hole. There is about 1 day and 12 hours until 12 am 6/6/06!!! (and the end of the countdown of the Hellhole!!!".

Update 05/06/06: The Hellhole has now grown greatly in size. Pictures in the comments.

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6:21pm: Watch The Essentials: Gorillaz online
An anonymous person sends the news that MTV.com has a lot of the new Gorillaz documentary 'The Essentials: Gorillaz' (perhaps all of it) up for viewing online. Check it out on MTV.com here. The documentary will show on MTV2 in the US on 5th June at 5:30pm ET. For a list of times at which it will be showing on TV in other countries, check out the previous news item on Gorillaz-Unofficial here

update: If you haven't worked it out already, you can watch 3 parts of the documentary online. If you click 'videos' on the MTV site there, you can also watch part 2 and part 3.

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