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2nd June 2006

3:36pm: Harvey Weinstein in talks to make Gorillaz movie (rumour)
Heidimuf sends the news that a lot of sites on the internet, including /Film, here are reporting that Harvey Weinstein (American film producer and former head of Miramax Studios, more info on wikipedia here) has had talks with Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett about making the Gorillaz movie. It's been reported that they had a meeting whilst the pair were in New York for the Demon Days Live shows. Damon is quoted as saying: "We're going to try and do something which makes the world not just think of Wallace and Gromit when they think of animation".

No further word on the authenticity of these stories, but from recent comments made by Damon and Jamie, it seems that the animated world tour, previously officially announced for 2007/08 has been postponed indefinitely. At the same time, Jamie has recently gone on record in interview as saying that he is looking into the possibility of doing a Gorillaz film as their next venture.

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