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30th May 2006

9:51pm: Submissions for Murdoc's birthday / prize up for grabs
As most fans will be well aware, Gorillaz' bass player Murdoc will celebrate his 40th birthday next week, on 6th June!

If you have any fan tributes (pictures, artwork, links to birthday celebrations on your site, anything at all really APART FROM messages) that you'd like to send in, that we can put up on Gorillaz-Unofficial.com on the day, then you can send them to gorillaz-unofficial@hotmail.com. Please put 'Murdoc's birthday' in the subject line.

And as a special incentive, we have an ultra-rare Clint Eastwood promo US 12" vinyl to give away, for the best submission for Murdoc's birthday. The closing date for entries is June 7th, and the winner will be chosen by our staff and announced on the site.

Please don't send messages or birthday wishes to Murdoc to that email address, because these can be added on the site on the day of Murdoc's birthday, or afterwards.

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