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29th May 2006

1:54am: Gorillaz win Best Dance Video at MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2006
KOUYA writes by email:-

"Now, I went to Video Music Awards Japan 2006 last night - 27 May. It was SO fantastic... After all, Gorillaz won Best Dance Video!! =D Then, Damon and Jamie didn't come there but Noodle sent us a message from big screen! Here is the picture - Picture 1 (on VMAJ site - http://www.mtvjapan.com/vmaj06/). And here is the list of winners - Picture 2 Also, this news is appeared on official Japanese site here. CONGRATS Gorillaz!! Many Japanese LOVE you, too!!XD"

The official Japanese Gorillaz site also has a list of times that the awards ceremony will be showing on Japanese MTV. There are no plans to screen it in any other country.

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