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28th May 2006

1:37pm: The Essentials: Gorillaz times (UPDATED)
Good news for those of you in the UK - Vampiress_M sends the news that the new Gorillaz documentary 'The Essentials : Gorillaz' is to get a showing in the UK on June 11th,
at 6pm on MTV.

Updated with times from fans.gorillaz.com:-

MTV June 7, 11
MTV2 June 8, 9

MTV Denmark Jun-14 @ 8p, Jun-17 @ 2330
MTV European Jun-07 @ 2030, Jun-10 @ 1830
MTV Finland Jun-18 @ 1530
MTV France Jun-07 @ 2125, Jun-14 @ 2100
MTV Germany Jun-09 @ 0130
MTV Italy Jun-10 @ 2400, Jun-22 @ 2400
MTV Netherlands Jun-10 @ 1530, Jun-18 @ 1730
MTV Norway Jun-07 @ 1930
MTV Poland Jun-07 @ 2300, Jun-11 @ 1800
MTV Portugal Jun-17 @ 1100
MTV Romania Jun-11 @ 2130, Jun-14 @ 1400
MTV Spain Jun-09 @ 2230, Jun-11-06 @ 1400
MTV Sweden Jun-10 @ 1600
MTV UK Jun-11 @ 1800, Jun-12 @ 1930

MTV Russia week of June 5th (1premiere+2 repeats)

Will air week of June 5th

MTV Brazil Jun-7 @ 1600, Jun-9 @ 1100

MTV Canada Jun-10 @ 0100

MTV China week of June 5th
MTV Korea week of June 12th
MTV Mandarin week of June 5th
MTV SAM week of June 12th
MTV Phillippines week of June 5th
MTV Indonesia week of June 12th
MTV Thailand week of June 5th
MTV India week of June 5th
MTV Australia week of June 5th.

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1:41pm: Murdoc Motorola Commercial on YouTube
Nans sends the news that the Murdoc Motorola commercial is now up for viewing on the website YouTube.com . Unfortunately the sound is a bit out of sync, with the video, but it's still worth a look!
You can check the video out by clicking here

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