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24th May 2006

2:34pm: Gorillaz article and Damon interview in Telerama, French magazine
SingToMe sends the scans from the current issue of the French magazine Telerama, which has a review of Gorillaz' concerts in New York, plus an interview, mostly about Gorillaz, with co-creator Damon Albarn.
I've translated the article into English for those who can't read French. To see the scans and the translation, click 'Read More' below!

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11:10pm: Noodle alive, apparently - quote in official mailout
Gorillaz-Unofficial has received a lot of email about this, and Pixie's email, below, is pretty representative of the thoughts that have been coming in:-

"The latest Gorillaz e-mail, I'm sure you have it! Gorillaz?? NOODLE!!! XD HAHA! So she's definitely alive, no question about it, right? Or she wouldn't be commenting on Jamie winning designer of the year!!!" [Noodle comments on Jamie Hewlett being awarded Designer Of The Year, which happened two nights ago, in the latest official mailout from Gorillaz.com . There has been constant speculation since the 'El Manana' video first aired, that she may have come to some harm].

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