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23rd May 2006

12:05pm: Jamie Hewlett named UK Designer Of The Year for Gorillaz work (UPDATE: with reactions)
Razkal sends the news that last night Gorillaz co-creator Jamie Hewlett won Britain's prestigious Designer Of The Year award. Jamie was given the award and prize money of £25,000 (around $45,000) after beating off competition from furniture and lighting designer Tom Dixon, Cameron Sinclair, for his work with humanitarian design group Architecture for Humanity, and the UK newspaper The Guardian's redesign team. The chair of the jury, Sir Christopher Frayling, chairman of Arts Council England and rector and professor of cultural history at the Royal College of Art, said: "Jamie Hewlett has not only created a personal mythology with the virtual band Gorillaz, he has also created designs for the direction in which technology and culture are going, the shape of things to come." The other judges were last year's winners, Hilary Cottam, Emily Campbell, head of design and architecture at the British Council, the fashion designer Christopher Bailey and the designer and TV presenter Kevin McCloud. The general public's votes also counted for one vote in the final verdict.

Congratulations Jamie!

Update: reactions from Gorillaz themselves and Jamie, click 'Read More' below.

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5:00pm: Are you Murdoc's child? DNA testing
As officially announced by the MEL Kong Studios computer on the official Gorillaz forums here, Murdoc has created an account on the 'Who's The Daddy?' DNA Testing agency website, and is requesting that members of the public who think they may bear a resemblance to him, upload a photo for testing, which will appear on the site gallery.

Head on over to the 'Who's The Daddy' DNA Testing agency website here: http://www.wtd-dna.co.uk/ to submit your Murdoc lookalike photos...

update: Murdoc comments "set up an account with one of those DNA testing websites, so I can hunt down my own evil army / family thing. If you think you might be one of my little fella's then what are you waiting for? Head over there ! No time wasters please, this site's one of the posh ones and costs me nearly a quid a pop. Oh and if you think you'll get any cash out of me I'll bash your face off!"

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