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12th May 2006

11:17pm: Pitchfork reviews Demon Days Live at the Apollo
Dave MSKo09 sends the news that Pitchfork Media has a review of the first night of Demon Days Live at the Apollo here.

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11:21pm: Counter counting down to 06/06/06 in the Hellhole
ragnar was the first to send the news that in the Hellhole on Kong Studios on gorillaz.com there is now a countdown clock, which is due to reach zero on 06/06/06! Which is, of course, the date of Murdoc's 40th birthday. Click 'Read More' below to see a picture of it, or go check it out for yourself on gorillaz.com!

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11:26pm: Icon magazine scans and transcript
Scans and transcript of the feature length interview with Gorillaz co-creator Jamie Hewlett in this month's Icon magazine. Those that are able to, should still consider going out and buying the magazine because scans can't really do the pictures justice! Not least because the pages of the magazine are larger than my scanner! (lovely paper quality too...)
To see the scans and read the interview, click Read More below. Enjoy!

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