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11th May 2006

12:40am: "The Essentials : Gorillaz" show to air on MTV2 in the US (June 5th)
left_handsuzukisends the news that on Monday June 5th, at 5:30 pm (ET) on MTV2, a show called The Essentials: Gorillaz is coming on. Vh1.com says: "The Essentials: Gorillaz: Half-hour special features VT profiles of the four main characters in the band, to delve a bit deeper into burning issues such as Murdoc's migraines, Russell's exorcism, 2D's career as an organ salestoon and Noodle's martial arts skills. Also: interviews with Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett, to see what makes Gorillaz tick and where their inspiration comes from; soundbites captured from the litany of amazing guest artists the band have attracted to their cause, both at the Apollo gigs and from cameos on earlier releases; and more."

If anyone in the US could get caps or video or a transcript of this when it airs, that would be fantastic!

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12:46am: New Gorillaz interview in imode world magazine (UK)
A new interview with Gorillaz, about gadgets, mobile phones and technology, appears in 'imode world' magazine, which is included with 'What Mobile' magazine in the UK this month. To read the interview, click 'Read More' below.

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