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6th May 2006

8:44pm: National UK paper reports 4 year old interview quotes as Gorillaz 'news'
Shatpank sends the news that UK tabloid The Mirror has today printed an extract from an old interview with Damon Albarn, Gorillaz co-creator, entitled “Damon wages Gorillaz warfare on Liam”, along with a mock-up of what Liam Gallagher (the lead singer of UK band Oasis) would look like as a member of Gorillaz. This is presented in the paper as 'news', however the quote is taken from an interview with website musicomh.com that was published over four years ago. The story (as it appears in the Mirror) has been seized upon by other websites on the internet as new 'news' about Gorillaz. To see the scan and the original musicomh.com article, click 'read more' below.

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