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5th May 2006

6:10pm: 'Making Gorillaz' event at 2006 Hay Festival
It has been announced that there will be another Gorillaz-related event at the 2006 Hay Festival (the festival is an annual literary and arts festival that takes place every year in Hay-On-Wye, Wales, UK).

The event will take place on Saturday 3rd June 2006 at 19:00. Entitled 'Making Gorillaz', it will consist of talks by Andrew Ruhemann, producer of the Gorillaz animation and videos and some of the animation team, about why the Gorillaz came about, how they are created and they will show some never-seen-before footage from the early days. Further details and tickets are available on the Hay Festival website here. (the other Gorillaz event going on at the Hay Festival is the animation workshop for 9-16 year olds, covered on Gorillaz-Unofficial.com here).

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6:17pm: Review of UK record sales in 2005 in Metro magazine - Gorillaz featured in rock category
Gina sends the scan from the UK magazine Metro, of an article based on recently released BPI figures on record sales data in the UK in 2005. They reveal that Rock music is the UK's favourite genre, and that Gorillaz had the #1 and #3 rock singles by sales in 2005, as well as the #3 rock album. The BPI is the UK equivalent of the RIAA, i.e. the UK record industry body. To see the scan, click 'Read More' below.

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