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2nd May 2006

12:20am: Noodle in Teen People's '25 hottest stars under 25' (UPDATE - WITH SCAN)
zombiechick23 sends the news that the latest edition of US magazine Teen People has a an article on the '25 Hottest Stars Under 25' and Noodle makes the list!

UPDATED 03/05/06 with the scan of Noodle's part. Many thanks to Fiorji! Click 'Read More' below to see it.

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12:23am: Gorillaz voted 8th greatest British music act in UK Music Week
shatpank4 writes:-

"Gorillaz have been voted the 8th greatest British music act ever as part of UK Music Week. Every commercial radio station in the country has linked up and listeners have been voting for their top 40. Girls Aloud [UK girl group] were about 19 places in front of the Beatles so I don't know what the says about the public's musical taste. http://www.ukmusicweek.com"

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1:11pm: Ceiling in Noodle's room falls in / more cracks
Ula writes by email:- "The ceiling in Noodle's room fell down and the clock is at the floor. Cracks grow again."

Check it out by going to Noodle's room on www.gorillaz.com...

Fiorji sends pictures of the room... click 'Read More' below to see them!

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