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26th April 2006

4:27pm: Confusion about 'Monkey: A Journey To The West'
A lot of sites on the internet are currently reporting that Gorillaz will be working on a musical called 'Monkey: A Journey To The West' that will be be shown in Manchester, Paris and Berlin, from Summer 2007 onwards. A lot of people have also written into the site about this.

Some people will already know this, but to clear up any confusion, the facts are these. 'Monkey: A Journey To The West' will be a production (variously described as a 'musical' an 'opera' and a 'circus production') written and directed by Chinese theatre director, Chen Shi-Zheng. Both Gorillaz co-creators are involved: Damon Albarn will be writing the musical score, and Jamie Hewlett will be doing a lot of the design work for the sets, costumes and possible animated elements. The show will also feature Shaolin Monks and singers from the Peking Opera. However, as far as is known at the moment, the show will not be carrying the 'Gorillaz' name, and nor are 2D, Murdoc, Noodle or Russel involved in any way. The official press release here states only that Albarn and Hewlett are working on it, not that Gorillaz are involved. This has been taken by certain press outlets to mean that this is a Gorillaz event but that is, currently at least, incorrect. 'Monkey: A Journey To The West' will not be covered on Gorillaz-Unofficial.com, just as you would not expect to find Blur or Tank Girl coverage here, as we're dedicated to Gorillaz coverage only.

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