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25th April 2006

1:19am: Hay Festival Gorillaz competition
The Guardian UK newspaper website has a story here announcing a new Gorillaz competition. It's only open to those who are between nine and sixteen years old. The object is to design a fifth member of Gorillaz. The prize for the winners is that they get to take part in a special one-off workshop with the producer behind the Gorillaz' videos Andrew Ruhemann and other animators who've worked on the Gorillaz videos. The hitch is that the workshop will take place on June 4 in Hay, Wales, UK, as part of the Hay Festival, so winners have to be able to get to that. Entries can be emailed to gorillaz@hayfestival.com or posted to Gorillaz competition, c/o Hay Festival, Drill Hall, 25 Lion Street, Hay-on-Wye, Powys HR3 5AD . And no, it's not the case that the winning designs will be made into official Gorillaz characters!

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1:27am: LA Times interview - Damon: "We've knocked the 3D tour idea on the head"
A new interview with Gorillaz co-creators Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett appears today in the LA Times, the interview can be read online here (check out the cool Jamie photo too!). The interview was conducted just before Damon took to the stage to play the second of the Demon Days Live New York shows. Perhaps most notable is his statement about the proposed (and previously officially announced for 2007/08) Gorillaz 'virtual' tour: "We've knocked that on the head. We don't feel like it's going to work.". Other statements in interviews conducted in New York seemed to suggest the tour's status was still uncertain, although as recently as the announcement of the New York shows themselves, official press releases insisted that the 'virtual tour' would go ahead.

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2:47pm: Kong Studios updates
Gina sends the news that 2D can now be seen sleeping on his bed in Kong Studios on www.gorillaz.com, and that the cracks in Noodle's bedroom walls have grown yet again. Check out all the updates on gorillaz.com!

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