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22nd April 2006

5:38pm: Damon and Jamie on Covino and Rich - listen to the mp3 + pictures and transcript
On their first day in the US for the Demon Days live shows, Gorillaz co-creators Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett found themselves doing radio promo on the Covino and Rich show, on Maxim Radio, Sirius 108. We had a report into the site at the time (still online here) calling it Maxim Radio's 'worst interview ever', and saying that people were calling into the show afterwards to say how bad it was.
Now, thanks to the kind people at Maxim Radio, Gorillaz-Unofficial.com brings you the full interview in mp3, as well as photos and a transcript. And the most shocking thing is... it's really not that bad! Without doubt worth a listen! To download the mp3, see the pictures and read the transcript, click 'READ MORE' below!

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