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21st April 2006

12:11am: Verbicide Gorillaz interview / New Spacemonkeyz remix album upcoming (?)
Issue 16 of the US magazine Verbicide has a brand new interview with Gorillaz. By clicking 'Read More' below you can read some extracts as well as find info on how to pick up a copy. One of the most interesting excerpts is the following:-

Q. The G Sides [sic] and the Space Monkeys collaborations were great departures from the first album. Will there be a similar follow-up to Demon Days?
A. There's a possibility that there will be another interpretation of the album, yes. It may even involve the Space Monkeyz again.

Of course a remix album of Demon Days in an 'RnB' style, has been talked up by Gorillaz co-creators Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett in various interviews over the past year. Now it appears that the Space Monkeyz (or members of the Space Monkeyz) are on board for remix album 2.

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2:23pm: ITV video report from New York shows
dgio2 sends the news that itv.com have a video report from New York available to view online here:-

It contains interview snippets from the guest stars, Jamie and Damon, and 2D and Murdoc. Dennis Hopper comments about 'Demon Days':- "It's like when I made Easy Rider. I mean, it's a reflection of society. It is social and it is about the social situation of today.". A transcipt is available, click 'Read More' below to read it.

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