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20th April 2006

12:22pm: Russel responds to Proof's death
D-12 member and one-time Gorillaz collaborator Proof was shot and killed on 11 April (Gorillaz-Unofficial coverage here). Now Russel has spoken out to pay his respects on behalf of Gorillaz. His statements runs:-

"We are all deeply saddened and shaken to hear the devastating news regarding the death of Proof. Gorillaz had the great privilege of teaming up with D12 on the track ‘911’ and to hear of his passing in this way is a terrible, unnecessary tragedy. He will be a hugely missed presence, personality and talent in the world of music and beyond. On behalf of Gorillaz at this difficult and sensitive time we send all our thoughts and love out to Proof, his family, his bandmates and his colleagues. He was a father figure to the Detroit Rap scene and a primary motivator in the inception of D12, and people of that stature are few and far between. This shocking incident is an enormous tragedy and once again an incredibly demonstrative indication that the guns need to be put down for good. Proof, rest in peace - Love from Gorillaz." (taken from http://fans.gorillaz.com ).

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