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19th April 2006

10:15pm: Gorillaz US television news: upcoming shows
demon.days sends the following news:-

According to VH1.com, the 2006 Brits will be airing on BBC at 2pm this saturday. So Americans will finally be able to watch the Gorillaz Brits performance on tv.

Also, Gorillaz will be on Fuse this Sunday at 4:30am on Loaded. Loaded is a 30 minute show where they show videos from only one artist.

Lastly, Apparently Dirty Harry has been released in the US, because it just aired on the Fuse show Dedicate Live.

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10:21pm: NME review and pictures of New York show
NME (the popular UK music weekly) didn't do a review of Demon Days Live back in November, but go some way to making up for it with a positive review of one of the Demon Days Live New York shows (April 22 issue, Fall Out Boy cover). Click 'Read More' below to see the scans.

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