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18th April 2006

4:19pm: Looking for new columnist / RSS feed is back! (for good)
No news I'm afraid just a couple of essential site notices...

Firstly Gorillaz-Unofficial.com is sad to announce the departure from the site team of editorial-writer Wazawaii, who kept us entertained and informed with his unique wit and insight in 2005 throughout 30 topical editorials for the site. (If you missed any, they can all still be viewed here). What this does mean is that we are looking for a new writer who is up to the challenge of working on the web's biggest unofficial Gorillaz site, and having their writing read by potentially thousands of Gorillaz fans each week. If you're a Gorillaz fan, are interested, and have a flair for writing, click 'Read More' for details of how to apply.

The other site notice is that the RSS feed of the site's news which was long dead due to a technical problem, is now back for good. The feed will once again bring you the latest in Gorillaz news as soon as Gorillaz-Unofficial.com is updated. The address of the feed is http://www.gorillaz-unofficial.com/Gorillaz-Unofficial.xml for those who want to add it to their RSS readers or browsers.

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