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16th April 2006

6:18pm: Rolling Stone reviews Demon Days Live DVD
Anorexic Harry Potter sends the review of Gorillaz' Demon Days Live DVD from this month's issue of US music magazine Rolling Stone. The DVD was awarded 3.5 stars out of 5. Interview runs:

"Live gigs from cartoon bands don't promise much, but Gorillaz mastermind Damon Albarn oversees a spectacular show that delivers bold visuals and a cast of cameos that includes Ike Turner. Albarn hides in silhouette until a knockout finale of "Hong Kong." The rest betters the entire Demon Days CD."

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6:20pm: El Mañana / Kids With Guns enters UK singles chart at #27
Gorillaz' latest UK single, the double A-side 'El Mañana / Kids With Guns' enters the UK singles chart today at #27.

Dirty Harry is at #85 after 21 weeks on the chart, and DARE is at #77 after 33 weeks on the chart, whilst Demon Days is at #25 on the albums chart. You can follow the Gorillaz in the UK and US charts every week on the Gorillaz-Unofficial forums here.

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