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13th April 2006

4:12pm: Commissioned track by Search For A Star winner now online
gorillazmusic sends the news that the specially commissioned track by Search For A Star audio category winner Asidus aka Daniel Gonzalez is up on gorillaz.com. It's a remix of Dirty Harry called 'Uno Quatro'. Check it out: http://www.gorillaz.com/audiowinner/.

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8:03pm: Murdoc responds to Damon comments
Link's Girlfriend was the first to send the news that Murdoc has responded to the things Damon Albarn has been saying about Gorillaz in interviews that have been published over the last week. Murdoc's repsonse, emailed to the official Gorillaz mailing list, runs:-

""Absolutely gobsmacking! I know whatshisface gave us a hand with the record and, yes, a great big round of applause to him and his Gorillaz 'tribute act' concerts in Harlem, but who the hell is this bloke to say when it's time to pull the plugs on MY band? Seriously. And incidentally, I think I may be overstepping the mark here, but I personally can't really see a next album for Blur. 'Think Tank' was probably the best album they could make, so maybe a couple of gigs in Las Vegas then I'd put the whole thing to bed. Unbelievable!"

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