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11th April 2006

1:20pm: Damon: "Gorillaz may play Vegas run, Noodle 'killed off' in 'El Mañana" and more
MTV.com has a report here that summarises more of the MTV News Damon and Jamie interview that took place in New York last week. MTV UK previously reported on the interview but included little detail (We covered that here). The report contains many revelations, including:-

  • Gorillaz may play a third and final Demon Days Live residency, this time in Las Vegas.
  • Reports that Gorillaz is ending are "stupid", and they're just going to be doing other things for a bit
  • Noodle is 'killed off' in the video for 'El Mañana' but she could come back
  • They want to make a movie and are thinking of financing it themselves
  • A Gorillaz video game is being planned

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  • 9:11pm: Gorillaz collaborator Proof shot dead in Detroit
    cortez_raven sends the sad news that D-12 member and one-time Gorillaz collaborator Proof was shot dead earlier today in Detroit. MTV.com has the full story here. Proof was best known as Eminem's back-up rapper live on stage, and member of the rap group D-12. He worked with Gorillaz in September 2001, along with four other members of D-12, on the track '911', on which he takes the first verse.
    RIP DeShaun Holton, aka Proof.

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