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8th April 2006

2:23am: New York program scans
Tomasland sends the link to scans of the offical program of the Demon Days live New York show. Click here to see them.

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9:00pm: Scans of 'Kids With Guns / El Manana' singles and posters
agent-_- sends the scans of the CD, DVD and 7" formats of the Kids With Guns / El Manana UK single, out on Monday. gorillaz789 sends pictures of the free posters that come with the CD and 7". Click 'Read More' below to see all the pictures.

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9:02pm: Gorillaz illustrated autobiography coming this Autumn
Penguin books have announced that they are publishing the official Gorillaz autobiography this autumn. Written by 2D, Noodle, Murdoc and Russel, the book will be a beautifully illustrated full colour hardback.

Murdoc says about the book: "I tell you what, right, I can guarantee you're going to get some real juicy bits of Gorillaz info. I'll probably slag off loads of people, too. It'll be packed full of great shots from the sets of our videos, gigs, rehearsals, interviews…you name it. It's all in there. So place your order up front kids, this book going to be a scorcher!" Click 'Read More' below for the official press release.

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