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7th April 2006

3:13am: Harlem Apollo Theater, 6 April; post-show (UPDATE)
If you have any reviews or comments on tonight's show, please post them in the comments. Reviews and information will be taken into the main body of the item, as they are submitted, so check back later for more information and news.

MSN streamed the show live last night, and you can watch the whole thing again on MSN music here:- http://msnvideo.com/gorillaz

UPDATE: read Candy2021's review of the show here, sounds like she had quite an adventure! Also includes ticket scans and a scan of the Murdoc Motorla card.

Download Dennis Hopper's performance of 'Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head' live onstage from last night! Click 'READ MORE' below for instructions!

You can also submit pictures, video, etc, to go on the site. Contact gorillaz-unofficial@hotmail.com if you need help submitting something to the site.

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10:10pm: Damon and Jamie on MTV news (video); more 'split' talk, and Chris Martin diss
Whilst in New York, MTV news UK interviewed Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett, Gorillaz co-creators. Fortunately the interview finds them in a better mood than the radio interviews they gave on the first morning that they got into the US.

The MTV UK website reports here that:-
Damon said: "We don’t think we’re gonna make another album at all."
Jamie then added: "Damon finished the Gorillaz album a while ago, but I’m just at the end of this Demon Days album cycle and I think what we need to do is not do any Gorillaz for a while and do some other stuff and then see how we feel."

If you go to the news item on the MTV site (link is above) and click on ''Watch today's MTV news bulletin' then click on ''Damon Albarn disses Christ Martin' you can see a video excerpt from the same interview, in which Damon 'disses' Chris Martin of Coldplay.

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