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6th April 2006

1:33am: Harlem Apollo Theater, 5 April; post-show (UPDATE #2)
If you have any reviews or comments on tonight's show, please post them in the comments. Reviews and information will be taken into the main body of the item, as they are submitted, so check back later for more information and news.

UPDATE #2: Added a feature-length review from MadManGoliath! Click 'Read More' below to check it out!

UPDATE: Added a review from Funfettibandits! Click 'Read More' below to see it. And Chris's Music Snobbery has a review too here and BRITGIRL's review is here.

You can also submit pictures, video, etc, to go on the site. Contact gorillaz-unofficial@hotmail.com if you need help submitting something to the site.

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7:14pm: Damon's thoughts on Gorillaz' future - 6Music
The BBC radio station 6Music interviewed Damon Albarn (Gorillaz co-creator) in New York last night and they have a write-up on their site here. It finds Damon saying ""At the moment we're like, that's probably the last album we make, I don't think we could make a better album than Demon Days really, for what this is and how it works... Last night we thought surely this isn't the end, and I don't know we're saying it's the end again, but it's quite a hip hop thing to retire and come back you know."

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7:23pm: New Murdoc interview / NME single review
A new interview with Murdoc appears in this week's NME magazine. There's also a positive review of the Gorillaz' latest single 'Kids With Guns / El Manana', which is out on Monday next week. Click 'Read More' below to see the scans.

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9:14pm: Apollo show watch live on the internet reminder / backstage blog
Just a reminder that MSN will be streaming a video of the final Gorillaz show at the Apollo in New York tonight LIVE. The stream will be appearing here: http://msnvideo.com/gorillaz. The stream will start at 9 p.m. Eastern (US) Time (which is 2am for those in the UK).

Josh from fans.gorillaz.com is also blogging live from tonight's show, you can check out the blog here.

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