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4th April 2006

2:36am: Tickets still available for final 3 NYC shows
This is just a heads-up that Ticketmaster still have a few tickets left for each of the remaining three 'Demon Days Live' shows. Get tickets at Ticketmaster here.

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2:38am: Harlem Apollo Theater, 3 April, post-show (UPDATE)
If you have any reviews or comments on tonight's shows, please post them in the comments. Reviews and information will be taken into the main body of the item, as they are submitted, so check back later for more information and news.

Reviews (click to read): BRITGIRL | Chris's Music Snobbery

UPDATE: Added Masked Mouse's review! Click 'Read More' below to see it.

You can also submit pictures, video, etc, to go on the site. Contact gorillaz-unofficial@hotmail.com if you need help submitting something to the site.

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7:53pm: Gorillaz GES game demo online / game out on Friday
gorillaz_rules sends the news that a demo of the Gorillaz cellphone game 'GES' is available on to play on Gorillaz.com here:- http://www.gorillaz.com/ges/. (it's the Russel cookie eating game).

The Gorillaz website says the game will be available to buy from Friday. You can check out Gorillaz-Unofficial.com's review of the game here.

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