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3rd April 2006

9:59am: Gorillaz nominated for MTV Japan Video Music Awards
duka sends the news that Gorillaz are nominated for 'Best video of the year' and 'Best dance video' at this year 's MTV Japan Video Music Awards. The ceremony will take place on May 27th at Kokuritse Yoyogi playgroud in Japan.

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10:01am: Damon Gorillaz interview from Kiss FM - listen to the mp3
Garwulf sends the news that Gorillaz co-creator Damon Albarn called into Kiss FM yesterday to be interviewed about Gorillaz. You can listen again to the interview by going here and clicking on the mp3 link. You can also read our transcript by clicking 'Read More' below. Let's just say the interview doesn't go too well!

UPDATE 04/04/06: It seems that the radio show that did the interview (the 'Bobby Bones' show) seriously pissed off the record company. According to a statement on their website here:- "After our crappy interview with the Gorillaz last week, we got in a little bit of trouble with the record label". They also link Gorillaz-Unofficial.com which is nice! Greetings to all the visiting KISS FM listeners. Just to point out one thing, the majority of regular users of this site are from the US. So there is certainly no overall anti-US bias here. Thanks.

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10:05am: Harlem Apollo Theater, 2 April, post-show (UPDATE #2: reviews, pictures and video!)
Gorillaz played to a sell-out crowd in New York City last night at Harlem's Apollo Theater. The setlist was the whole of the Demon Days album in order for the main set, and 'Hong Kong' as the only encore song. MF Doom and Dennis Hopper were not there, the rest of the guest stars were. The back screen for displaying the visuals did not work, and Damon appeared at the front of the stage to apologise for this, before the performance began.

UPDATE 20:53 GMT:- Steven Glekel sends the VIDEO of Murdoc and 2D's sketch before the show (It's a completely different routine to the one they did at Manchester). To watch it, click 'Read More' below. Steven has also very kindly sent two pictures from the night, one of Damon apologising to the crowd, and another outside the venue. Many thanks!

UPDATE #2: anthony12584 sends scans of the LA Times' reviews! Click 'Read More' below to see them!

Pro.zack sends links to videos of performances from last night's show! They're all on YouTube, click a song to watch it: DARE | Kids With Guns | November Has Come | Feel Good Inc

Pro-reviews now in, click to read them: New York Daily News | New York Post | New York Times | Entertainment Weekly | Newsday

We've got some good reports and you can see these by clicking 'Read More' below. If you want to leave a review or commment yourself, just add a comment to this news item and if it's a review of the show, it'll be taken into the main body of the news item.

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