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2nd April 2006

11:36pm: Murdoc plugs cellphones
Fans attending the New York Demon Days Live shows, it has been announced will be able to download 'exclusive' Gorillaz content onto their mobile phones, including Gorillaz Wallpapers, an exclusive piece of animation and a demo of the Gorillaz GES phone game. This content is being provided by Motorola, and the online press release finds Murdoc saying: "The fact that Motorola has decided to team up with us in hosting the New York Gorillaz concerts shows fantastic taste and a great deal of style on their part. They're a forward-looking company and with the combination of their technology and our sense of adventure, I think the future's ours. Gotta go, my phone's ringing...". To read the full press release, click 'Read More' below.

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11:44pm: Demon Days goes 5 x Platinum in the UK
Things keep coming up platinum for Gorillaz. Hot on the heels of their double platinum US announcement, comes the news that Demon Days has gone 5 times platinum in the UK. In the UK, a platinum disc is awarded for 300,000 units shipped (in the US the number of units for platinum is a million), so this marks the shipment to retailers of 1,500,000 units in the UK. The album has now sold over 1,430,000 copies in the UK, having overtaken the Blur album 'Parklife' as the highest-selling album in the UK that Damon Albarn has made. Click 'Read More' to see a scan from Q magazine which is the source of this news.

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11:52pm: New Gorillaz interview on popworld.com
Pro.zack sends the link to a new Gorillaz interview on popworld.com. Click here to read it. It's mostly about their bizarre tour rituals!

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