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1st April 2006

12:08am: Paula interview in Musicmatch magazine - Gorillaz and more
The latest issue of UK magazine Musicmatch has a short interview with Paula, 2D's ex girlfriend and ex-Gorilla guitarst. In the interview she talks about her new solo single, and says she's going to be appearing with Gorillaz for a New York show. Thanks to muds_minion3121 for sending in the scans! Click 'Read More' below to see them.

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10:41pm: Paula interview was April Fool's
For those who hadn't already guessed it, yes, the interview with Paula (the news item below) was actually an April Fool's joke devised by a talented graphic designer and a talented writer connected to Gorillaz-Unofficial. The article was completely made up by fans and is completely unofficial. There is no 'Musicmatch' magazine in the UK, there is no such record label as 'Bargain Bucket Records' and, as far as we know, there is no song 'Baby To Me You're Nothing But A Dick And A Wallet (So Why Don't You Love Me No More)'. Though maybe someone should get on with writing that one, nice title. 'Till next year then folks...!

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10:48pm: Gorillaz perform 'Dirty Harry' live on the Jonathan Ross show (video and pictures)
Last night on the popular UK tv show 'Friday Night With Jonathan Ross', Gorillaz gave a performance of Dirty Harry. To watch the video, or download it, or to see pictures from the performance, click 'Read More' below.

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10:55pm: Going to Gorillaz' New York shows - we want to hear from you! And stream of Thursday show
Gorillaz New York 'Demon Days Live' shows are fast approaching. Are you going to any of the shows? If so, we want to hear from you. Every night the shows are on, a news item will appear on Gorillaz-Unofficial about the show, and you can add your comments about the shows in that news item. The best stuff will be taken into the main body of the item, and also hopefully used on a minisite as a permanent record of the shows! So please tell us your impressions of the shows, and what happened on the night.
If you can get any audio or video or pictures of the shows, so much the better! You can submit it via our online form or by emailing gorillaz-unofficial@hotmail.com (just write and ask if you need advice on how to get something to us), and we'll get it up here for everyone to see. But to just give us a review or comment would still be absolutely fantastic.

And for those of us who will be crying onto our keyboards because we can't go, MSN will be streaming the final show of the residency. This will be broadcast at 9pm ET/ 6pm PT (that's 2am GMT) from http://music.msn.com/music/demondays (thanks to pink-fishh for the news!).

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