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28th March 2006

4:28am: 'Demon Days Live' DVD review
The 'Demon Days Live' DVD is out now in Europe, Japan and Australia, and will be available worldwide in the next few days (out April 4th in the US). Gorillaz-Unofficial got hold of a copy and we bring you our review of Gorillaz' second longform DVD release. Click 'Read More' to read the review, and see pictures of the DVD package.

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6:04pm: Call for interns to help out at the 'Demon Days Live' New York shows
The Gorillaz official fansite has a call for interns to help out at the Demon Days Live shows in New York. The message is reproduced below, you can check it out on the site here.

"Interns (UNPAID) needed to help out with Gorillaz shows in NYC 4/1-4/6. Must be able to work from 2P-till end of show. Must be professional, organized and really desire a working experience. Please contact demondaysnyc@hotmail.com with your interest, why you are not just a groupie (no resume, just a few sentences) and contact information. Thanks!"

If anyone's thinking of applying, good luck with that! Also, there will be some more details on Gorillaz-Unofficial.com over the next few days of how you can submit reports, reviews and information about the New York shows if you're going! Suffice to say we want to hear from as many fans as possible. More information in the next few days.

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