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25th March 2006

1:32am: 'Live music from Gorillaz' on next week's Jonathan Ross show (UK)
Cjw sends the news that at the end of his show tonight, UK chat show host Jonathan Ross said that on next week's show there would be 'live music from Gorillaz'. The Jonathan Ross show ('Friday Night With Jonathan Ross') is the most popular chat show in the UK. Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn, Gorillaz co-creators, appeared on the show back in November. You can still find the Gorillaz-Unofficial transcript, pictures and downloadable video here.

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5:42pm: 'Gorillaz cartoon show' coming, according to The Sun (UPDATE: Murdoc speaks)
The UK press, it seems, can't get enough of those Gorillaz rumours. Today an item appears in The Sun newspaper (the UK's most popular newspaper), saying Gorillaz are 'set to star in a cartoon series for children's telly'. An 'insider' is quoted as saying "They're really excited about this project. It'll be a really funky, cool project for older kids." See a scan of the item by clicking 'Read More' below.

UPDATE 18:00 GMT 27/03/06 :- Murdoc has spoken out against the story. His statement reads simply "What has 'The Sun' said again? Kids TV?? Load of rubbish.". The statement appears on the front page of Gorillaz.com here, and is linked to this news item on Gorillaz-Unofficial.com ! (thanks to Woodenshoesgirl for sending in the news).

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