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24th March 2006

11:25am: Gorillaz 'split' rumours in UK newspapers
In the last two days, the national UK newspaper the Mirror and the Scottish newspaper the Daily Record, have carried stories suggesting the Gorillaz are to 'split' (articles here and here). The stories appear to stem from comments Remi Kabaka (Russel's voice actor) was overheard saying to a friend on a night out at the Electric Cinema, in West London.

The truth in the rumours is that promotion for 'Demon Days' will gradually slow down over the coming months (though there will still be more Gorillaz appearances and products in 2006), finishing at the end of the year. The band's next major appearance after that will be for their animated world tour in 2008. However neither the animated band Gorillaz, nor their co-creators, are set to split in the usual sense of the word.

UPDATE: Murdoc has issued a rather unhelpful statement regarding the stories: "How tedious. I've said we're about to split up in every single interview we've ever done and no-one's batted an eyelid. And then some 'source close to the band' says the very same thing down the pub and now it's all over the paper! So the truth only works as a rumour, does it? I bet this inside spy also said he was 'close personal friends' with whatshischops, Albarn, too. Well that's another Scoop of the Year Award for those tireless newshounds. Gorillaz split up every five minutes, there's no great story there.". The statement was published on fans.gorillaz.com here. Thanks to German Shake for sending that bit of news in!

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11:09pm: New tile game on gorillaz.com
gorillaz789 was the first with the news that there is a new game uploaded on Gorillaz.com, called 'Tiles of the Unexpected'. Check it out here.

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