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23rd March 2006

1:03am: New Damon and Jamie interview - talk about Grammys performance
vedro sends the news that the Courier Mail (an Australian newspaper) website has a new interview with Gorillaz co-creators Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett. Topics for discussion include Damon's missing tooth (which left him looking quite like 2D at the Grammys) and performance with Madonna. Quite funny and well worth a look! Check it out here.

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1:13pm: Noodle interview in Sugar magazine
whereismurdocswinnebago sends the following:-

"The issue of UK teen magazine 'Sugar' released yesterday contained an interview from Noodle. I've scanned and uploaded it so you can read it here. Note how it promotes Kids With Guns not El Manana. She doesn't seem to be particularly phased by her ordeal which may please the people are obsessively convinced that El Manana was completely staged."

Gorillaz-Unofficial's note: it should be noted that interviews for magazines are sometimes conducted well in advance of publication date, which could push the date of this interview back to before the 'El Manana' video. You can click 'Read More' below to see the interview typed up if you're having problems reading.

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