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20th March 2006

1:50pm: View clips from the 'Demon Days Live' concert film (UPDATE)
Fuliang sends the news that the website foutraque.com has some streaming clips available from the forthcoming Gorillaz concert film 'Demon Days Live'. These are not just clips of the live visuals, but clips from the actual concert film. Click here to go to the site and view them! They have DARE, Dirty Harry, Kids With Guns, and Don't Get Lost In Heaven / Demon Days.

UPDATE 23:57 GMT - Nesplayer sends the news that a further two tracks are viewable in the cinema on Gorillaz.com, Intro / Last Living Souls. Go check them out in the gorillaz.com cinema.

The 'Demon Days Live' DVD is out on the following dates: 26/03/2006 (Australia),27/03/2006 (UK and Europe), 29/03/2006 (Japan) and 04/04/2006 (US), and it'll be showing on Channel 4 in the UK on Friday the 31st of March at 11:40PM to 12:50AM the next day (thanks Shatpank!).

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