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17th March 2006

2:03am: DARE on Now 21 in the US
insanedoodle58 was first with the news that DARE appears on the latest in the series of 'Now' compilations in the US, and the song is mentioned in the television commercial for the compilation. You can check out the tracklisting or order the CD on amazon.com here.

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2:04am: Demon Days Live to be shown in Polish cinemas
Ethan sends the news that the 'Demon Days Live' concert film, out on DVD at the end of the month (4th April in the US) is to get showings on 30th March in the cinemas in the Polish cinema chain "Multi Kino". Check out the flyer here. If we hear about any more cinematic showing for the 'Demon Days Live' film, we'll let you know.

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