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10th March 2006

11:21am: 'Feel Good Inc' wins at British Animation Awards
Last night at the British Animation Awards 2006, the video for 'Feel Good Inc' won the 'favourite music video' award. The BBC has an article on the awards and other winners here.

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8:48pm: 'Are the Gorillaz Postmodern?' - article in Media Magazine
This won't interest everyone by any means... but Gorillaz are the subject of an article in the current issue of UK educational magazine 'Media Magazine' (aimed at schools and colleges for 16-19 year olds). Lucy Scott-Galloway poses the question "Are the Gorillaz 'Postmodern'?". There are a few factual errors in there, and it isn't exactly Baudrillard, but there are some interesting points. Click 'Read More' to see the scans.

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