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8th March 2006

10:26pm: El Mañana video teaser info - 3 days to go!
A very reliable source has sent us more information about the El Manana video (premieres 2pm 11th March on Kong Studios, 10:55pm GMT on Channel 4 in the UK!)...

A lot of people have worked very hard on the video and understandably they want to leave the full details until you see the video for the first time. However we can confirm that, as Jamie Hewlett [Gorillaz co-creator] alluded to back when it was first announced that there would be four videos from Demon Days, this last video brings the cycle full circle, in that it's a return to the themes built up in Feel Good Inc - and more. The video is a fitting end to Phase Two, answering the questions that have been nagging fans since they first saw the Feel Good Inc video: What if those helicopters were to catch up with Noodle's island? What do they want? Her? The Island? Both? Do they come in peace or are they hostile? And who are THEY?

All this and more revealed on Saturday...

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