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3rd March 2006

12:43am: S4AS Music winner speaks to G-U; details of his contribution to new B-side
In the third and final in our series of news items on the Gorillaz 'Search For A Star' winners, Gorillaz-Unofficial has spoken to music category winner Asidus, who was voted best in the category for his song "Indian Dance".

Asidus, real name Danny Gonzalez, says: "Well when I was contacted by Gorillaz they told me to make a remix of a song. They didn't provide much, and they told me to do whatever I wanted and just let loose... SO.. I DID! The track is done and let's say it's got a kind of old school meets orchestra meets trumpet vibe. Yeah, confusing i know.". The track will feature as a B-side on one of the formats of the forthcoming Gorillaz single 'El Manana / Kids With Guns'.

You can check out more of Asidus's work on his myspace http://www.myspace.com/asidus. Drop him a comment and let him know what you think!

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1:39am: New Gorillaz pic and 'El Manana / Kids With Guns' Japanese EP tracklisting
There's an all-new Gorillaz picture on the official Japanese website! Check it out by clicking 'Read More' below, or check it out on the site here.

We can also bring you the official tracklisting for the Japanese CD EP 'El Manana / Kids With Guns'. Release date is 12th April on the Toshiba-EMI label, catalogue number TOCP-61111 . (thanks to lemoned for this!).
1. Kids With Guns
2. El Manana
3. Stop The Dams NB: Correction
4. Don't Get Lost In Heaven (Original Demo Version)
5. El Manana (Video)
The B-sides are also likely to appear on the UK / Euro formats of the 'El Manana / Kids With Guns' single release.

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