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28th February 2006

5:14pm: S4AS winner Carl Sowerby speaks to G-U - preview of his work with Gorillaz
In the latest of our continuing series of news stories on the Gorillaz 'Search For A Star' winners, Gorillaz-Unofficial has spoken to the grand prize winner Carl Sowerby about his work with Gorillaz. Carl won the competition with his animated short 'Tablemanners'.

Carl says: "Basically I was asked by Zombie Flesh Eaters [Jamie Hewlett's company] to submit some examples of my own animation work to see if they could edit it together to make up the video for one of the B-sides on the DVD format of the forthcoming single [El Manana / Kids With Guns]. I had a few samples, but really wanted to do something that stood on its own, like a unique video. So I asked if I could have a week or two to work on something myself and they agreed.

Some of my characters that appear in the video can be seen in the "bods" section of my website here:
http://www.sourbee.co.uk/bods.html. All 3 of these images are used in the final video. There are more of course, but these are the only ones on my site so far."

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