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27th February 2006

12:31pm: Gorillaz world tour NOT cancelled / World tour FAQ
Nim sends the news that the official Gorillaz fansite has put up a notice denying that the Gorillaz World Tour, previously officially scheduled for 2007/08, has been cancelled. "Contrary to rumours on- and off-line, the world tour planned for 2008 has not been cancelled. The Gorillaz team are even now in the planning stages for the greatest show the world has ever seen.". You can see for yourself here.

Last week Gorillaz fans worldwide were dismayed by a story that was initially carried on ContactMusic.com, but which spread to many other internet sites (and even print media in some countries) saying that the tour had been cancelled. The story even had a quote apparently from Gorillaz co-creator Jamie Hewlett that appeared to indicate that the tour had been cancelled.

There has been a lot of speculation about the nature of the tour, and if you click 'Read More' below you can see an FAQ which sets out the facts as known so far.

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