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26th February 2006

4:00pm: New Jamie Hewlett interview in the Sunday Telegraph (UK)
vampiress_m sends the scans from the magazine 'Seven' that comes with the Sunday Telegraph newspaper in the UK (many thanks to her!). The article is about Jamie Hewlett and Gorillaz, and is partly an interview with Jamie. No new pictures, but some interesting information! Click 'Read More' below to see the scans.

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4:25pm: Exclusive: S4AS winner speaks to G-U; sketches for forthcoming Gorillaz single inner art (UPDATE)
Legendary Gorillaz fanartist Schneeflocke has spoken to Gorillaz-Unofficial about working with Gorillaz. Schneeflocke, famous in the Gorillaz online community for her uncannily authentic-looking Gorillaz fanart (as can be seen on her website) won the images category of Gorillaz' 'Search For A Star' Competition which finished last year.

Schneeflocke, real name Irina Bolshakova, says "Gorillaz asked me to express my personal impression of "El Manana" and give my interpretation of the song, without using the Gorillaz characters. I spent two days doing sketches, and Jamie Hewlett then chose one of them as a single cover [for one of the formats of El Manana / Kids With Guns]."

update 02/03/06: Josh from fans.gorillaz sends the news that Schneeflocke's art will not be cover art but will feature in some other way in the single release.

Schneeflocke has three of the unused sketches she did available on her site, and they are well worth checking out! See them here:
Sketch 1
Sketch 2
Sketch 3
Sketch 4 (new!)

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