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25th February 2006

5:15pm: Damon and Danger Mouse Gorillaz interview to air on MTV2 UK
Damon and Dangermouse will be appearing for an interview on 'Gonzo With Zane Lowe' about Gorillaz, next week, on Friday 3rd March, at 8pm, on MTV2 in the UK. For those unable to tune in... Gorillaz-Unofficial may well have the video up. Thanks to freenrich for the news.

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5:18pm: Gorillaz and Jamie Hewlett in UK magazine 'Hooker'
Both an extensive Gorillaz interview and a fascinating Jamie Hewlett interview appear in the latest issue of UK magazine 'Hooker'. A massive 24 pages of the magazine are dedicated to Gorillaz (possibly the biggest Gorillaz magazine takeover ever!). A lot of Gorillaz artwork is featured including some new pictures inspired by the Dirty Harry video (Noodle and Russel), and a couple more! Many thanks to salmon who completed the Herculean task of scanning it all up and sending it in! Click 'Read More' to see the scans.

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