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23rd February 2006

9:27pm: Gorillaz win Musical Innovation award at the NME Awards 2006
Gorillaz tonight picked up the John Peel Award For Musical Innovation at the NME Awards 2006. The award is given to bands or artists who are doing new or innovative things with music, and was presented tonight by the family of the late John Peel, legendary BBC Radio 1 DJ. Gorillaz collaborator and former Happy Mondays singer Shaun Ryder was on hand to pick up the award on Gorillaz' behalf. Ryder famously sang on Gorillaz' single 'DARE', and appeared in the accompanying video. Gorillaz however did not win in the best video category (they were nominated for 'DARE') that award went to Oasis for 'The Importance Of Being Idle'. The NME Awards are annual awards associated with the influential UK music magazine NME.

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