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20th February 2006

5:03pm: Jamie Hewlett talks about Gorillaz / anime on South Bank Show (video)
Jamie Hewlett, Gorillaz co-creator, appeared briefly in an episode of the South Bank Show last night in the UK. The episode was about Manga and anime, and its influence on the West. Jamie commented on anime's (and in particular Miyazaki's) influence on Gorillaz. You can watch the video online now, or download it. Click 'Read More' below if you need more instructions on how to work Megaupload or Rapidshare. The video starts off with some comments from Miyazaki and then we see Jamie Hewlett. Transcript viewable by clicking 'Read More' below.

Watch the video online at YouTube by clicking here. (If the video skips, then click the 'pause' button, wait for the bar to fill up, then click play, and the video won't skip).

Download the video from Rapidshare here

Download the video from Megaupload here

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